Womens League Cricket Balls

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  • Pink
  • Red
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This edition of League cricket ball has been designed for Womens cricket, with similar features as of Mens edition. This ball retains swing for a longer duration, it also features excellent seam and aids spin, which every every bowler will want to have.

This League Cricket ball has been completely hand stitched with premium quality linen to ensure the shape is retained for a long time. The ball is constructed of 4-piece high quality alum tanned leather. The ball is lacquered and polished for endurance.

Colours available: Red, Pink.


  • Premium quality Alum Tanned leather
  • Four-piece construction completely hand stitched
  • Retains shape and the ability to swing
  • Compressed Portuguese cork
  • Perfect balance and a great seam
  • Lacquered finish to allow the ball to last longer and maintain its shine
  • Perfect for 40+ overs innings

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