Champion Batting Pads

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  • RH - Junior
  • LH - Junior
  • RH - Youth
  • LH - Youth
  • RH - Small Adult
  • LH - Small Adult
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The Champion Batting gloves are made from light weight materials. This edition of batting pads are perfect for club level players who are looking for high end specifications. PU (Polyurethane) which is lighter and more durable has been used in the construction of champion edition.

The Champion batting pads features high-density foam combined with cane bolster construction for maximum protection and shock absorption against quick bowling. High Density foams are exceptionally low weight and provides excellent shock absorption. This edition also features extended side wing for extra protection around the side of the legs.

Protection for knee has been boosted with Thermoplastic knee socket, which also facilitates the batsmen to effectively flex and play his shorts in all directions comfortably.

All of our pads come with Velcro fastening straps making them easily adjustable and removable.


  • Light-weight batting leg guard for club level.
  • PU facing with high-density foam and cane construction for maximum shock absorption.
  • Thermo plastic knee cup moulded to fit the shape of the knee.
  • 2-inch-wide straps with padded buckle protection
  • Extended side wing for extra protection
  • Breathable mesh bolsters with high density foam for enhanced protection and comfort

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