Indoor Cricket South Africa heads to Dubai in hopes to win tournament

The Indoor Cricket South Africa squad showcased their many talents at the Sandton Action Sports arena on March 17.The organised event brings to light the squad’s achievement of qualifying to compete in the 2022 Dubai Tri-Series on March 24.

Coach Dino Berardelli has been training his squad for the past three and a half years to ensure that his team secures the victory in the tournament, “We had various training camps. We train from Friday to Sunday and most importantly, we train for every game situation that we might face just to prepare us.”

One of the key players who specialises in fielding, Adrean Van der Linde, is confident that the team’s first major tournament of the year will bring in a positive mindset to carry them throughout the year.

“Dubai is a stepping stone for us in progressing our style of play and exposing ourselves to greater heights than we have been preparing for before the lockdown happened,” said Van der Linde.

Berardelli concluded that his main goal is to share his knowledge and experience of the sport with his squad. “I have been very blessed to play and compete with talented players and to win a world cup in 2013. If I can share some of my skills and thought processes with these young players and see them achieve their dreams, then my job is done.”

The team is set to make their way to Dubai on March 24 to compete against some of the indoor greats. The Dubai Tri-Series WICF World Cup will begin on March 24 and conclude on April 2. Sandton Chronicle wishes the team all the best in their run in the competition.

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